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Oct 10, “There's a time and a place for everything, and it's called college.” — Chef all of this, which is why we found the 15 Best Small Colleges for Dating. If you venture into town, give Brunswick, Georgia's First Friday events a try.
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Coming in at No. Low rents are coupled with low unemployment rates, and those who do work enjoy the luxury of short commute times, with 90 percent boasting a commute time of 30 minutes of less. Much of Aberdeen is within an easy distance of the campus of centrally located Northern State University , which was founded in and currently enrolls more than 3, students, as well as Presentation College , a Catholic private college.

The bronze medal of small college towns goes to Bloomington, home of Illinois Wesleyan University. Enrolling around 2, students, this small school packs a big punch when it comes to employment rates: This may be part of what is boosting an educated population in the town: Bloomington ranked third for the percentage of the population with bachelor's degrees. Ranked second for both educational attainment more than 30 percent of residents possess bachelor's degrees and restaurants there are more than 14 per 10, people , Bozeman offers both demographic and lifestyle perks for college students.

Montana State University enrolls around 15, students — a large student population relative to the city's. With two ski areas nearby, miles of biking and hiking paths, and Yellowstone National Park just 90 miles away, Bozeman is a great choice for students who love outdoor recreation. Four museums, numerous art galleries, a symphony, a ballet, an opera company and several community theaters set Bozeman apart as one of the most arts-vibrant small towns in America.

Grand Forks is home to the University of North Dakota , the state's oldest and largest university, which currently enrolls more than 15, students. Grand Forks' low unemployment rates and commute times more than 87 percent of commuters have a commute of 30 minutes or less are part of what puts this small city at a healthy No. Boosting its overall scores might be the nightlife — there are about four bars per 10, residents, plus a great deal of local enthusiasm for the university's ice hockey and football teams. Mankato comes in as the sixth town on our list by virtue of its low unemployment rates and youthful population, with more than 28 percent of its adult residents being younger than The majority of commuters — nearly 87 percent — enjoy travel times under 30 minutes.

The state university isn't the only option for higher education or entertainment, however. Mankato is also home to Bethany Lutheran College and a lively, revitalized downtown. Ranking first for bars — with nearly seven for every 10, people — and 25th for its WalkScore, La Crosse's nightlife and walkability places it seventh overall on our list.

La Crosse is known for the strong sense of community between its student population and the rest of the town, and the university is proud of that fact. In return, numerous student organizations volunteer in the community for fundraisers like Rotary lights and Neighbor's Day. Appleton, Wisconsin, coming in eighth overall, has a strong local economy, with low unemployment and relatively low median rent relative to incomes. Appleton also ranked well for nightlife, boasting just over four bars per 10, residents, and outdoor recreation is a perk of the area as well, given town's location near the north end of Lake Winnebago.

Located adjacent to Appleton proper is Lawrence University , a liberal arts college and conservatory of music that enrolls around 1, students. Helena, the capital of Montana and also one of the smallest towns on our list, received high marks for the level of education — nearly a quarter of the town's adult residents have bachelor's degrees. That, in combination with a relatively low unemployment rate, short average commute times, and plenty of restaurants and bars, put it in ninth place overall.

Carroll College , a private Catholic liberal arts college enrolling around 1, students, is located in the center of Helena, as is Helena College , a comprehensive two-year school affiliated with the University of Montana. There are an abundance of social opportunities within walking distance of campus including numerous restaurants, quaint coffee and movie houses, unique stores and an array of community events.

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Rounding out the top 10 is Cedar Rapids, which is located in the eastern half of Iowa and is the state's second-largest city. Low median rents relative to median incomes mean that housing can cost as little as 17 percent of a resident's annual earnings. Cedar Rapids is home to both Coe College , founded in , and Mount Mercy University , a liberal arts college that boasts a student-to-faculty ratio of 13 to one.

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Both of these institutions enroll under 2, students each. Columbia got high marks for the portion of the population aged more than 30 percent and for the percentage of the population with a bachelor's degree ranking fourth overall. The college football team is one of the town's most popular draws and games are a citywide event, even for those outside the stadium.

The university is a large economic driver for the city and is one of the city's largest employers.

1. Fargo, North Dakota

Dubuque ranked 11th for commute times, with almost 87 percent of commuters getting to work in 30 minutes or less, and 12th for the number of bars per 10, residents. Clarke University , with a total enrollment of around 1, students, is a Catholic liberal arts college started by a pioneering Irish woman named Mary Frances Clarke in Clarke offers 31 different majors and a student to faculty ratio of 11 to one. The city has been recognized before, too: The students of Oklahoma State University have called Stillwater home since the founding of the university in Today, they enjoy a young city demographic — more than a third of adult residents are younger than 34 — and low unemployment, tying for 15th overall.

The community is known for being incredibly welcoming to Oklahoma State's students and for what's described as "America's Greatest Homecoming Celebration," a weeklong event that includes a carnival, parade and, of course, a football game.

22 Best College Towns for Dating

The community relies heavily on OSU students for employment, so students get plugged into the community. OSU employees are also active in the community in both service and leadership the current mayor is an OSU faculty member. The school color of bright orange is the dominate color across Stillwater. A large city by Vermont standards, as the whole state is home to only , people, Burlington has several advantages for college students, including a large demographic of educated residents, low unemployment it ranked sixth and plenty of dining out opportunities nearly 10 restaurants per 10, residents.

The University of Vermont enrolls more than 12, students on its campus near Lake Champlain. As the name might suggest, State College is home to The Pennsylvania State University , better known as Penn State, which enrolls more than 46, students. It ranks sixth in our analysis for the percentage of residents aged and ninth for walkability, based on its WalkScore of more than The State College area, which includes the borough and the townships of College, Harris, Patton, and Ferguson, is commonly referred to as "Happy Valley" by its enthusiastic residents.

Penn State was chartered as one of the first colleges of agricultural science in the nation in Today, it offers a wide range of graduate and undergraduate degree programs.

If studying in a highly educated town is important, Ann Arbor may be the place for you. Not only does it rank seventh overall for educational attainment, but it's also home to the University of Michigan , Cleary University and Concordia University-Michigan. Rochester may be most famous as the home of the Mayo Clinic , and in keeping with the town's overall reputation, its educational opportunities largely center on health care. The student population is small, with a little under 1, students, but Rochester has a lot to offer students both during and after college, as it ranks sixteenth overall for educational attainment and eighth for unemployment.

The State University of New York at Albany offers its students more than undergraduate majors and minors to choose from, in addition to more than honor clubs and societies. Originally Posted by wheregirl.

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I really don't have any advise but to say that the issue is most likely in your head. In my younger days I spent alot of time on college campuses and in the dorms in the Triangle. I knew people who worked at Pizza Hut that went to parties and had friends at this big expensive private and I think christian college.

49. Wellesley, Massachusetts

Even if you feel like you're not part of that "community" you just have to introduce yourself, find common interest, and make yourself part of that community. Let me give you a bit of advice. College students are not mature at all. Sure they can study and pass exams, big deal, but they are still like junior high aged brats on the inside I have been through your exact situation.

After law school, I moved back to the college town I was in for undergrad and took a job with a small firm there. I loved the town, remembered it from my college days.

14. St. John’s College

While I still like the town as a place to visit, that period was honestly a fairly depressing period of my life. I realized there are no young professionals in the town. Its college students, and families. And not being plugged in to the campus community at all meant meeting people was nigh impossible.

And lets face it, hanging out with college kids in my mids isn't exactly what I had in mind, anyway. Ultimately, I decided to move. I know your situation is what you make it, grass is greener, blah blah, but I've been up here in the big city for 6 months now and I couldn't be happier.

My life is so much fuller, more social, more meaningful, and more fun. Not saying you should do the same thing Particularly if yours is a town where the college is the big thing and there's not much else. I know if the college you visit is a community college they don't really care if you are a student or not. Great place to meet new people since almost everyone there is to socialize. New Zealand and Australia. Get yourself a nice car. Alot of female students don't drive, you will get offers or you can offer to take them places. Before you know it you will be banging em.

15 Best Small Colleges for Dating

Just be open and honest. If they like you they shouldn't care whether you are in school or not. If anything they will find out you graduated and be jealous. And when you are partying stop worrying have a drink and just talk to whoever you are near. Drinking games are a great ice breaker, esp card games.

Bottom line is its a party, they're supposed to be fun and you're supposed to meet new people. Buy a skimpy cheer leader costume and parade yourself around campus. You shouldn't have any problems then.